Smart Lock not working with Android 6

Smart lock for locations is only working when I restart my FP2 since the upgrade. By which I mean, it works fine at home (phone stays unlocked), locks when I leave the geotagged area, but then stays locked when I return, unless I restart the phone. I’m not sure if the other Smart Lock functions are working or not as I don’t use them. Anyone else had the same problem?

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Maybe this technote is of interest for you:

Important notice from there:

Your trusted location can extend beyond the physical walls of your home or custom place. It can keep your device unlocked within a radius of up to 80 meters.

There is currently a bug that was introduced in google play services. It’s not a FP2 issue.

Looks like Google are rolling out a fix in the latest version of the play services

(I’m also having the issues BTW)


Ah, that explains it, thank you! Glad it’s not a Fairphone problem :+1:

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