Slowmotion movie

Has anyone tried to make a slowmotion movie with the F2 camera?
Any ideas how? I just found apps to slow down existing movies which is not very satisfying.

Greetings, Joe

While a Google search suggests that indeed many Apps will do just that, there are also those which are able to record or capture (look for those words in the App description) a video and then let you apply the desired slow motion speed seamlessly in-App.
Wouldn’t that give the result you want?

Edit: Just tried this slow-mo App for a quick proof-of-concept because it was mentioned here and here.
Ok, it shows ads and outsources the actual recording job to the camera App of your choice, which I think is a good move (although lazy/ cost-effective from the developing standpoint), but you get slow-mo videos out of this without much fuss.
I guess there are more Apps which work the same way, so just find the one that suits you best.

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Thank you!
I tried the same App, but wasn’t sure if it records movies with a higher framerate.

You’re right about the higher frame rate. Of course this would be desirable qualitywise, but every reference to that I can find on the web claims that this is down to camera hardware, costly flagship phones are mentioned to have slow-mo options by default because their camera hardware supports higher frame rates.

Seems with our camera we’re stuck with manifolding frames in a fixed frame rate or setting a lower video playback frame rate to create a slow-mo effect.

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