Slow uploading and disappearing emails

Hi, I have bought a second hand Fairphone 4 and when I open my emails app it takes a while for them to load up and when I press one email it appears then disappears for a split second. Is theta fault with my phone? If so, how can it be fixed?

Thank you

Hi and welcome, I doubt there is an issue with the phone.

Hopefully you have a copy of the receipt in case you want to use the warranty.

Did you do a factory restet and what email app are you using?

What OS and version are you running.

If you have an SD card ensure it is formatted as portable.

You can try running in safe mode which only disables any custom apps you installed


Hi Andy
As already asked by amoun, can you give some more details please:

  • OS version : to check that, go to
    Settings > About phone > Build number
  • Which e-mail app are you using?
  • Have you configured the app to fetch mail using POP or IMAP?
  • Which e-mail provider are you using? Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or whatever?
  • If you use a web browser to connect to your mailbox, do you see all the mail correctly?

Do you mean that the contents of the mail are displayed, then disappear for a moment and then reappear, or that the contents just disappear after a second or so?
Might you have enabled an option to only show unread mail?

Hi Amoun
Thank you for your reply. Sorry for my delay in replying, I have to sit down for these questions.

The phone was already factory reset. My email app is Proton.

I’ve transferred data from my iPhone 6s which is no longer working to know which OS it was, darn thing died on me.

I have no SD card, which would you recommend?

I can only find alternative modes in Parental control and wellbeing, where should I be looking for safe mode?


The SD card is only important if you have one. Just note for future ref. Never format as an extension to the internal, always format as portable.

Safe mode won’t be appropriate now I know you are using Proton.

Proton is an app you installed which will be disabled in Safe Mode
so won’t help assess Proton.

For future ref again. Safe mode is accessed via initiating at start up.

The question was what is the OS you are using now?
Settings > About Phone > > Android version and Build number.

How long have you had the phone and has this email issue been happening since day 1 ?
Try clearing the cache from the app
Settings > Apps > Proton > etc.

I use FairEmail, you may like to try that to ses if the same occurs

Hi OldRoutard

Thank you for your reply.

  • The OS version is B.069
  • Proton email app
  • I don’t know whether I have configured POP or IMAP. I’ve tried following Fairphone to instructions to configure IMAP for emails but the instructions seem to refer settings from a different phone.
  • Gmail, as Google was the only option when I started transferring data

I mean that the contents of the mail are displayed, then disappear for a moment and then reappear.
I don’t think I’ve unwittingly enabled Unread mail only, as I still see opened as well as unread emails.


Thanks for the above information.

Aha, the OS version is B.069

I’ve had the phone for just a month and this email issue started from day 1.
I have now cleared the cache and the emails seem to be behaving themselves now, thank you.
Thank you for your suggestion to try Fairmail, I shall take a look.

Have a good evening


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Thanks for the info Andi.
You were on the latest version of FP4 FPOS but a new one has just come out, FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624. It may not be available yet on your phone, but keep an eye out for it. Go to
Settings > System > System update

As I understand, you are using the Proton email app, but to access the mail of a Gmail account. Is that correct? No other account, just the Gmail (Google) one?

I rather insist on getting this info correct, as it’s a rather unusual setup. Normally people either use the Proton app to work with their account, or they would use the standard Gmail app to work with their account. Or else, like Amoun, they use a completely independent app like Fairemail (nothing to do with Fairphone by the way), often to work with several different mailbox providers.

It’s worth knowing, that the Proton app is designed in particular to work with a account, in order to manage special encryption features. Its use with a non- account may explain the momentary disappearance of the content when you open a message.

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That’s good. Maybe you could come back in a couple of weeks to confirm.
And keep an eye out for updates!