Slow, malfunctioning, and laggy brand new FP4

I have recently purchased a brand new FP4.

This is by far the worst phone in terms of performance and functionality that I have ever purchased.

The issues started from day 1, which include:
-The camera being very slow, and in some instances the picture is not even taken after the capture button is pressed;
-Whatsapp is extremely slow when loading or sending photos, and sometimes even crashed;
-In some instances the keyboard just does not pop up and I need to restart the phone; and
-General slowness.

Is this common? I am quite sad about this as I purchased this phone for ethical reasons and it really doesn’t function at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.

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I’d say it isn’t common. You can try using safe mode which disables any custom apps to see if it is an app issue, failing that are you up to doing a factory reset ?

If you have it for less than 14 days, you can send it back.

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I have exactly the very same issues! I don’t want to return it precisely because I bought it for ethical reasons, but it is the worse phone I’ve ever had… Such a disappointment!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Is it just the camera and have you installed many custom apps and maybe evne use an SD , if so how did you format i?

Have you tried a safe mode start and with the camera are you using the deafult app.

Clear the camera app check the camera resolution and ensure it is not using HDR, HDR+ or RAW

In my case, I have the same issue with and without SD card.
I’m using the default app with the default settings.
Even with the “crossed out HDR” the problem persist (but even then, what would be the point of having all those options -HDR, HDR+, RAW- if one cannot use them?)

You can use the options but processing and saving is slow HDR for example takes multiple picture and then tries to make a ‘good’ image from them. You can either save all of just the final image.

I tried the safe mode and indeed the camera becomes more reactive. However, I afterwards cleared the cache of all my apps and the problem of super -slow camera persists. Any further advice?

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