Slow/inconsistent/weak wifi since Android 12 update

Since the update to Android 12, I’m often experiencing that the wifi connection on my Fairphone 4 is rather slow. For example, it can sometimes take up to a minute to send a Signal or Whatsapp text message. The problem is not limited to specific apps, occurs for both upload and download, but not when I switch off Wifi. Besides, other devices are not affected, so it’s definitely a problem of my phone’s wifi.

I know this description is rather vague, but I’m not sure what I could do to investigate this further. Any ideas what to check? Does anybody experience something similar? Is this a known issue that is being worked on?

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I use Signal on a daily basis and work mostly from home, so I’m on WiFi mostly. For me Signal works as expected, instant. This doesn’t help you of course. But it may help the troubleshooting. You could give safe mode a try and do some speedtests and compare that to the regular mode. And of course check with a non-Fairphone phone. Maybe you just need to restart your router. If of course you can only reproduce it on your home WiFi.

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I’m having a related issue with wifi connections.

I’ve noticed that some instagram videos don’t load correctly and they take a while before playing. Also, I’ve noticed that in telegram calls using wifi, from time to time I get a “connectivity pause”.

I don’t know when this issue started but it annoys me enough to start to worry.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Calls using Whatsapp don’t work properly on my home wifi, but works with 5G. Also sending messages or loading videos can take a lot of time. Did you find any solution to that?

Is that still on Android 12? Because this topic is about that Android version. Maybe reboot your router? Or try a different WiFi network to see if it’s consistent.

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