Slow GPS on 16.06 (openGAPPS)

I already read this popular thread but couldn’t find a fix.


  • If I enable GPS the PlayStore crashes two times (well, I can deal with that).
    The location via Wifi and Network works; it is only the GPS which doesn’t work properly.
  • If I enable the GPS it needs approximately 10 minutes to find my location.
  • If I lock my screen or switch to a not-using-GPS-app the search for my location (via GPS) is abandoned until I open the app which needs GPS.

Things I have done/tried so far:

  • Changed the NTP-Server via FasterGPS to Germany (I am living in Germany; server is:
  • Changed INTERMEDIATE_POS to 1
  • Tried different apps for getting the location (Google Maps, Osmand, Pokemon Go, Ingress …)
  • Installed GPS Status and SatStat, which show that my phone quickly detects a lot of satellites (see picture). (Often I have 15 to 18 of 20 to 25)

According to the app the blue satellites show the ones which can be used to get your location, the red ones show the ones who can’t be used.

I would be glad if someone has another idea what to test or to change :slight_smile:

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