Slim Case - Reboots and Button-Issues

And did they already find something? Like for example - what most of us here assume - that the buttons are simply mounted the wrong way?

Thanks for your answer.

Inspired by the community I switched the Camera- and the on/off-button on
the coral red case and it now works. So I will try the same for the white
one, so I can use it right away and the customer device has one thing less
to deal with.

Thanks, and I love my fairphone

It is a combination of both the case and the Fairphone. Modifications have been made to new cases to prevent this issue. I do not know the exact details…


Well I’ve just received a new (coral) slim case today, and can immediately see that I have this problem, if not obviously severely yet. It seems pretty clear that it’s because the back of the case has on overly-tight fit around the power button. My reason for suggesting this is that if I attach only the front part of the case, the power button works correctly, with good, definite feedback when you press it: you clearly feel the action of the switch when you use it. When I attach the rear of the case, this is no longer true: the power button gives almost no physical feedback, and frequently seems to double-press — rather than waking the 'phone, it brings me to the power-off menu.

Removing and re-attaching the rear seems to improve the situation slightly. I’m contemplating trying to file away the edge of the power button aperture in the rear to see if that reliably clears it, but having to do that to make a £35 piece of plastic work correctly seems inappropriate.

The volume and camera buttons both work as expected.

I got a slim case about a month ago to replace the regular one, which fell apart.
And I had to swap the buttons too to get it working.
Since then it is OK again.
After reading about the misalignment of the camera hole I looked and found the same at my case.

Kind regards,

Same problem here and same resolution (after one week of trouble and disapointment) : swapping buttons. Thanks a lot for the advice! I’m a bit sad that Fairphone wasn’t able to talk to me about this while I was buying a new case after my regular one (transparent black that I loved) broked itself…

Hey all,

Thank you for your feedback and thanks to the ones who submitted their faulty cases for us to review. It has helped us a lot.

The issue was caused by the combination of some dimensional differences between FP2 engines and the top cover/power button assembly. When the dimension tolerances are at the extreme ends for both, then together they may cause problems. We’ve fixed the tool for the power button to ensure we do not have that corner case.

If your case is causing reboots, please get in contact with our support team so we can help you.


how do you switch power camera buttons?

The buttons are embedded in flexible strips. These strips are fixated to the case on both sides of each button. It isn’t so obvious at first, but you can carefully pull the strips (including the buttons) off those fixating points. And if you’ve done that, you can carefully fixate the strip with the camera button to the power button’s place (if it won’t snap in place easily, use a fingernail or some not too sharp tip of some kind to gently push it in place) and the strip with the power button in the same way to the camera button’s place … and voilà :slight_smile: .


So it s a physical swap!! I thought it was a software one!!
Thanks! Now it all makes more sense!

Hi Douwe,
Thank you for your info. I own a FP2 pretty new, the power button seems to operate correctly. However, I still have some “reboots”. Theses reboots were due to pressing the power button accidentally. I will explain this, the time that you need to push the power button to get the “power off” dialogue is really short (around 1.5 - 2s), if you press longer than that the phone resets itself.
Is there any way to increase this times in the software so this kind of accidents (while inside a pocket for example) do not happen?
I also notice that the buttons are really prominent in the new slim cover, that makes them really easy to operate, I would say that extremely easy. Making them less prominent will help to avoid accidental press inside packets and handbags.

I have the same issues with the new Slim Case…
The FP2 constantly reboots and gets very hot. (I already contacted Support)
I was so tired of the rebooting, that I installed the original case back (it is broken and thats why I received the new slim case, but at least I don’t have the reboot issues anymore…
It is just sad that I have to use a broken case just in order to have a functioning phone…

You don’t have to:

Or you can easily fix it yourself by swapping the power and camera buttons …

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Thank you of your answers.
I swapped the power and camera buttons and it works!!!
My Phone has been working fine without reboots already for 5 Days =)


Thanks for that trick! :ok_hand:

I encountered this reboots issue since I received my new slim case (after the old one was broken on the side as tons of them I guess). Indeed the power button gets stuck, causing a lot of reboots within a day (up to 5-6 times). Sometimes those reboots are even more problematic as they need to “Optimize apps”, which is a long process.
Of course, after a few emails to support about that, but also about many other (and important) problems I have with my FP2, I still don 't get any feedbacks from them.
This is incredible. (I am almost fighting with them for 5 months now!)

Yesterday evening I tried to switch the camera and power buttons as written above. But this morning, my FP already rebooted once. I’ll see how it goes.
My phone is up-to-date, what else could it be? My screen module is not functioning properly, could it be related?

I still expect this support service to answer my email anyway.
This phone drives me crazy. So many issues.

You can find a long list of things you can try here:

Give them a call. That usually solves things fast.

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After almost a year with the slime white cover without any issue, I experience the same difficulty with the power button as describe here.

It is strange beacause my cover don’t seem altered. Maybe, with my lastest battery issues, too many opening have makes some invisible aleration that prevent the power button to works fine.

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