Slim back cover repair

This is a guide how to repair broken edges on the slim cover for the Fairphone 2.
I used

  • 2 component glue
  • tape
  • color spray
  • alcohol, for cleaning :wink:

To make it easy I took pictures of the steps.

at first it looked like this

I removed the cover and taped the frame, where the kink in the cover is

put the cover back on

here comes the glue to the game

the fresh glue needs to dry

how it looks after drying

it could stay uncolored, but this gives it a whole new look


:+1: @ElKrasso #1 badass Fairphone tuner :sunglasses:


And I did not even touch my soldering iron for that. :metal:t3:


I guess you could fix @Stefan s FP1 just with glue, right?

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@Stefan won´t let me do it.

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