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I own my Fairphone 2 since 4 days but just yesterday it started happening, that pressing the Home-Button causes a slight delay (e.g. pressing the back button instantly closes something, but the home button has a 0.5 second delay before closing the app). Any idea why that is? All help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello Minewar,

I just noticed this myself today but from my feeling it has been like that the whole time but I could be mistaken. I noticed it after I finally sorted out the whole SD card business.

Using the back button works indeed a bit faster. But seeing the delay is always the same, if I have to guess this is done intentionally for whatever reasons. Style, loading in the background I dunno.

What I just do is to use the show running program button all the way to the right. Most likely, the app you want to use is in the background and that way you can reach it quite quickly.

But of course, I’d also like it to behave instantaneous. So if somebody has any ideas on that one, I’m all ears as well…

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I’m on LineageOS (Android 7) and I have the delay too. I think it’s intentional. It waits to see if you double tap. AFAIK Gravity Box has the option to change the double tap delay for the home button, but I can’t check, because there is no GB for Android 7.

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Or maybe it’s just that the software “button” is the direct approach/function, while the push of the (multifunctional) hardware button needs to be “translated” first (_indirect approach), which is taking the extra time?

FP2’s home button is also “just” a software button.

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Yeah, of course, I mixed it up with the power button.
Still; the home button is not integrated into the program and might need translation; which I will instantly believe might happen in an instant, or maybe not?

Sooo, I actually called the hotline on this one because I was short before reinstalling the whole thing. I kinda assumed the guys and gals there all have FP’s which was indeed the case. He checked it on 3 different phones and they all had this tini-tiny delay when pressing the home button. Guess its normal then. Its probably one of those cases one doesn’t necessarily realize from the get go, but once you pay attention it starts bugging you out.

All is good therefore!

PS: I didn’t really ask as to why this is like that, so sorry for not being able to offer a proper explanation why it does that.


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