Skipping the update?

Hi everyone,

with the numerous problems the 1.6 update seems to have, I’m actually quite happy that the broken updater hasn’t offered it to me yet. The phantom touches bug especially has the potential to make the phone practically unusable.

My question is this: is it possible to skip this update and wait for the next one with (hopefully) less problems? Or will that mean I will run into different trouble?

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Hi @uodalricus,

I just wanted to say that I think the problem is not as wide spread as it may seem. I don’t experience any troubles like that after having done the update, and I’d guess there are a lot more people that don’t have these problems. But since they don’t have a reason to come forward with “my phone works perfectly after the update”, the people that have troubles are a lot more visible on here. (It’d actually be interesting to see numbers, how many people actually have this problem. I’m a sucker for these sort of statistics! :wink:)

That said, it is your choice to not do the update and wait for the next one. You’re not obligated to do the update, but if you don’t do it you won’t get the positive fixes this update has brought. See here for what the Cherry 1.6 update addresses.
If you can live without those fixes, you can wait for the next version. In case you run into troubles that are fixed in 1.6 while waiting you can still take the plunge and do the update. If you don’t necessarily need it just wait. Then when a new update is released, you’d have to do both at once. (I don’t think you can just “skip” this one entirely, you’d eventually have to update first to 1.6, and then to the next one, as far as I understand)

I don’t think the updates are incremental, so you can go from 1.3 to the-update-after-1.6 without installing 1.6

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Thanks! I hope @Jerry is right, I’ll just skip the update. The only problem I have that 1.6 promises to fix is the broken battery level indicator – which according to some posts here is actually made worse by the update. All the other things are not addressed anyway.

I know that the phantom touches problem probably affects only a small number of users, but even so, I don’t want to risk being one of them and having the choice between an unusable phone, or probably hours of frustrating work trying to downgrade to 1.3 again.

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What is it supposed to break?

These are the worst two, there are more reports about apps no longer working, Google Apps widget gone,…


I have decided for my self to skip the 1.6 Update, too. I worrying about the Battery problem and my indicator works pretty fine on 1.5 (perhaps because I have modified it to a cycle indicator using XPosed/GravityBox).

The only fix that looks interesting for me at FPOS 1.6 is this one:

Certain GPS functions are optimized, for instance for improved location positioning. A complete solution for navigation apps is being worked on in the next update.

But because I have to wait about 1.7 for the “complete solution” I can skip Version 1.6, anyway.


I’m skipping too.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it, and currently i’m happy enough.

Which, actually, was a big step. Even though I already had a working GPS, and have customised my A-GPS quite sucessfully, the lock in areas without any WiFi is now much faster.

But @Kris_S is totally right:

There must be a strong publication bias on this forum. This is where people turn to get help if something is broken. There are more that 30k phones out there. If 0.1 percent of them had the “in-existent touches” issue, the forum would be flooded with posts, I guess. :sunglasses:

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Up until now, you’ve been able to skip updates, however it would be recommended that updating is best. There are security fixes in v1.6 which if you don’t have may leave your phone more vulnerable. Problems with the update aren’t that widespread.

If you do decide to wait, you may have to watch/read closely what happens with the next update as the FP team haven’t said how this will work if you haven’t run the unified storage partition update on a 1st edition phone yet. What this means is that you may need to go to 1.6 at some point to run the storage update to then move on to the next version. We’ll know soon enough when the next update is available :wink:

That doesn’t seem to agree with the 1.6 update announcement, which says that the storage upgrade is “for andvanced users”, and continues:

All users will have this option pushed to them automatically in a future software update.

@uodalricus- what I meant was that until the next update is out, we don’t know how this will work. FP might have an idea, but developing and implementing can be a tricky process, so it might not work out as expected.