Size of the normal/regular case (FP2)?


found the dimensions of the slim case (eg Fairphone 2 - Slim Case Indigo | Fairphone):

Abmessungen (Telefon + Case): Länge: 144,5 mm // Breite: 74,5 mm // Tiefe: 10,65 mm

But I can’t find the dimensions of the “usual” case of my/the FP2. Does anbody know it?


AFAIK dimensions are equal. It’s more an optic change/impression from “usual” to “slim”.
EDIT: well, they’re not exactly the same. More details you’ll find at

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Thanks for the link!

I hoped that the so called slim case would be less thick as the black one. But almost the same thickness: 10.65 mm vs. 11mm :frowning:
… too thick for using it “in” the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard …

But thanks again!

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