Since update: SIM-cards connection problem

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That does not help at all in my case, but good that it works for you. :slight_smile:
I need to reboot my phone several times before I can enter my PIN’s again. Sometimes I wait several minutes before another reboot, so just waiting does not help for sure for me.

I got the same issue. Tried some stuff.
When I use just one sim I’ve got no trouble. Also using either the first or the second sim slot.
So non of the sim are broken because the both work when using as only sim.
The slots themselves work because I can use either slot 1 or 2.

My current work around is to slide out the company sim in the evening and the private sim during daytime…

I’ll put in a service request but guess this normally takes a couple of weeks before a reply is given… :frowning:

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That’s a serious workaround for now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Not really an option for me, because I need my both numbers together…

Maybe it’s best to put in a service request myself too.
Can you keep me updated if you get an answer? Thanks a lot!

I will keep you updated. The request was forwarded to hq yesterday.

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Same problem here, also since the new update. Have you thought about opening an issue in the bugtracker?
Please bear in mind that the link does not work in Firefox.

I was updated with a work around and it seems to work:
In case of using 2 SIMS in the phone the problem is only 1 can connect to a data network. So, I needed to set the SIM which I’m not using for mobile data to 2G network.

I first had to link to that SIM only, set the network to 2G and restart with 2 sims again.

It seems to work now. I do have both SIMS and the both show connection. Will keep a close eye to it the next couple of days.

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Exactly the same problem for me. No solution.
I’ve upvote for the bugtracker system.

Can anyone vote for that bug, it’s classified as “standard” for the priority and for the severity.
But for a phone, with which you can’t actually make a call, it should be classified as “critical”.

I have the same issue among others… I notice when my french SIMcard is on slot 1 and the German one on slot 2 it doesn’t work at all, but when I have French in 2 and German in 1 it’s working but doesn’t show my contacts… quite anoying.

Hi all,
I had a conversation with the support and I must say I’m quite disappointed. None of the workarounds they gave me seemed to work, so they concluded there has to be something wrong with my core module.
This sounds really weird to me because 1) the problems just started since the update, before I didn’t have any dificulties with connecting and 2) there are more people with the same problem, also since the update.
Did anyone recieve a helpfull solution?
I must say that the problem is fluctuating. Sometimes I only need 2 reboots, sometimes just 1 but also sometimes 6 times before I can re-enter my PIN.

I have a feeling they don’t want to see this as a bug??

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If you want to try with Android 6 again, there’s still the “I regret upgrading, how do I downgrade?” section here …

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I have an occasional, similar issue. For me what happens is that after a week or so of fine operation, the wifi stops working - keeps showing networks from where I was a while ago and doesn’t connect to familiar networks where I am now. turning wifi on and off, or aeroplane mode on and off, doesn’t help, so I reboot. When the phone comes back, it’s got wifi, but says “no sim cards”.

I can usually get it back to having working wifi and working sims again, with a power cycle and maybe a fresh charge (using the “torch on” trick so that the phone does a proper power off).

I don’t have any SIM-cards issues at other times - it’s only ever after I’ve fixed the wifi issue. (for instance, today, my phone was running on 4g all morning as I hadn’t noticed the wifi wasn’t connecting here at home; when I rebooted to fix the wifi, the SIM cards disappeared; nothing else changed, phone just sitting here on my desk throughout).

This happened to me again, and I wanted to share what worked for me to fix the SIM cards issue more clearly.

Problem: Phone shows “no SIM found” when in fact SIMs are there. Unable to make calls. Settings-Maintenance-Connectivity shows no SIMs.
Note: in my case, the most recent time this happened, I realised that actually the SIM cards were not totally out of action. I was still receiving calls and text messages, although I could not do outbound calls or texts, and mobile data was not working.

Solution that worked: run battery down until phone turns off. Plug in charger. Charge until green LED. unplug from charger, turn on phone.

This has now worked for me a couple of times.

Things that I tried which did not work:

  • aeroplane mode on and off
  • restarting phone
  • Power off phone then power on (using “torch on” trick to properly power down)
  • reseating SIM cards
  • swapping SIM card positions
  • going to only one SIM card

Since the new update, it just got worse, so I decided to downgrade… Hopefully the problem is gone then!

Oh well, that looks quite spectacular! I’m not sure I would downgrade, because I’m afraid I’ll lose all the content of my apps… Anyone experience with downgrading?

Just to record, the problem where SIM cards were no longer recognised happened again to me today.

This happened after a day when wifi connectivity seemed erratic, the phone ran out of battery fast; after it shut down with no power, i charged it all the way up, but after turning on again, “no SIM detected”. As before I can still receive SMS and incoming calls ring the phone, but no mobile data connection.

And the solution that has worked for me this time:

  • run phone until it runs out of battery (showing 1%) and turns off by itself
  • turn phone on (surprised this worked! thought it was out of power and only randomly pressed power button)
  • saw phone showed 4% battery and the SIM cards were shown!
  • plugged phone into charge

So now the phone has the SIMs working again, and it’s charging. Hopefully that means all fixed!

Thanks Karen, have the same issue. I noted it arises when we move from wifi to data connection. This said, still seeking a solution as well.

For the record, I have the same problem. Usually I just need one reboot to fix it, and I never needed more than three reboots in total I think, but still it is quite annoying. I am kind of used now to booting it twice in the morning. It gets more problematic when I suddenly realise that the SIM cards are not working during the day…
I will add my experience to the issue on bugtracker, in case that helps finding a solution.

I too since the software update have had issues with no SIM cards being spotted at boot. As others have said, I can receive calls/texts but not make them, it’s clearly a software issue. This morning, my phone was plugged in, fully charged, but off; turning it on and repeatedly restarting still had no SIM cards, but as soon as I unplugged it and then restarted, the SIM card was found fine. Given people above say restarting eventually works, I don’t know that the unplugging was linked to it fixing, but thought I’d just note in case that’s helpful to others.

I have almost the same issue as Laurie, but in my case, instead of not recognising the SIM cards (which used to happen for a while), the phone has moved on to not accepting my (correct!) pin code, and also not accepting my (correct!) PUK code…