Since Nougat update I can't catch Pokemon anymore

I have the same issue as sergentvitamin. For a few days already, the game crashes whenever I try to open it. I am using the most recent Android version.

The pokemon go update of July 15 definitely prevents any play on Fairphone 2 (on Nougat at least). While the game was so far already amputated of pokemon capture, now, it is squarely unplayable. Fairphone has never reacted over previous bugs. I guess this one will not be corrected either, all the more so that FP2 is not manufactured anymore. Hard time to be ethical/ecological…

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Since LineageOS wasn’t mentioned as a possible solution for a while and quite a lot of Fairphone 2 users use it instead of Fairphone’s own OSes (see #lineageos), I’ll leave this here …

… along with:

The LineageOS community currently supports LineageOS 16.0 on the Fairphone 2, which is Android 9 (Pie).
LineageOS is based on AOSP and in this way receives Android security updates regularly (even more regularly than Fairphone’s own OSes until Fairphone might possibly return to a monthly update schedule).

As Pokemon GO relies on Google services, which LineageOS doesn’t include by default, you would additionally need to install Open GApps (ARM - 9.0 - package of your choice, “pico” is the minimum to get the Play Store).
These are the real Google Apps and services, the “Open” only refers to the packaging of different variants and the easy installation as a ZIP file via the TWRP recovery program.

To be on the safe side … LineageOS is Android, but not an Android OS certified by Google (in contrast to Fairphone’s own OSes).
Google lets you register devices running uncertified Android OSes for the legitimate use of Google services at .

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Many thanks for this other possible way out. How can I install those two things. I see a lineage downloader on google play and an opengapps with chinese characters on the same google play. Are these the right apps to install. Is lineage a full OS. Does it request that I reformat the whole fairphone, like I planned to do to downgrade from nougat to marshmallow, before seeing your message ?

The words in the post which are marked blue are links you can follow to e.g. installation instructions and files.

It says “This app is NOT affiliated with ‘LineageOS’ Team.
Looks like an update tool, but LineageOS has one built-in already. I’d stay away and follow the official info including installation

The Play Store offers a “Translate” button, giving “This application no practical effect, only used by those who support the development
It is not the application itself!

Open GApps is available at .

Yes, it does.

Either way, upgrade or downgrade, if you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps assist you in person.

Thank you very much for the time you took to answer precisely. Regrettably, all these procedures (adb fastboot command prompt…) make me anxious despite the explanations you kindly mention. And unfortunately, the only fairphone angel in Belgium is located at 150 kilometers from my home. I give up this option and stay with a frustrating fairphone2/ Tx again.

Thanks AnotherElk,

I tried to install Lineage OS twice. But the instructions had to many gaps. I got lost between the steps because things happened that weren’t mentioned in the instruction. In the end the installation didn’t work. I just don’t know enough about programming and Smartphone software.

But I’ll get in touch with my local fairphoneangels. Perhaps they can help me :slight_smile:


Same problem here. Impossible to launch the game since the last update.
Nobody seems to know if the problem is due to Niantic or FP…
It seems that FairPhone doesn’t care about fixing this problem. too bad because I love this game.

Nobody seems to take the time to read the topic they are posting in.
Invalid generalizations aside, perhaps you want to at least have a look at a few posts directly above yours, where you’ll find that we indeed know.

Let’s in short say Android 7 on the Fairphone 2 is missing a component it doesn’t need to have to be a Google certified Android 7, and Niantic apparently rely on this component for their Pokemon GO without checking whether it’s there or not when it could very well be missing, so they could give a descriptive error message instead of keeping people wondering about the game crashing.

I really don’t understand where this “stuff doesn’t get done, so people in charge seem to not care” attitude comes from. Just leave it at “stuff doesn’t get done”. That can easily be verified.
Sometimes stuff is difficult and might take time, other stuff might get in the way, etc.

As for a solution …
If you want to have Android security updates and Pokemon GO, you will have to switch to LineageOS currently.
If you can live without Android security updates, you could alternatively downgrade to Fairphone’s Android 6 again.


Hi fellow trainers!
There might be hope! The status of the issue on the bugtracker has recently been changed to “In progress”. In the past, that usually meant that a fix would be included in the following update. Maybe we’ll only have to wait a few more weeks …


There’s an experimental fix for the suspected underlying issue in the current beta for the next OS update (unencrypted devices only for now).
So, beta testers are needed … details are in the bugtracker issue.


The experimental fix has been in the last official update as well. You have to enable it in the developers settings, following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> About phone
  2. Click on Build number 7 times.
  3. Go back to Settings and then to Developer options .
  4. Enable Experimental OpenGL ES 3.0 (first line).
  5. Restart your phone.

With me, everything works perfectly now and I am so happy to finally be able to catch Pokémon again!


@MaartenD explained this to us a little at the #efct19.
Apparently the Android upgrade to Nougat wouldn’t have gotten Google approval with a newer version of a certain software built in the OS, so they implemented an older version, but PoGo doesn’t work with that. So the fix brings back the newer version, but it can’t be implemented by default.
If the feedback from players is positive then they will work on making the fix more visible and not hidden in the developer settings.


That sounds amazing! Are there others with the same positive experience?

This is astounding and even a bit magic (like in a Harry Potter formula: "click 7 times on Build Number and small messages going along the progression). The way-around found by FairPhone does work and is far easier to install than the solution kindly offered by AnotherElk (downgrade / install Lineage). The fact that the FairPhone team eventually considered the problem (who had been worsening for a year: first damage: I could not catch pokemons but had access to other functions of the game. Second damage recently: the game crashed at entry) and found a workable solution is changing my mind about buying a FP3 (and recycle this one with the program of 40 euros voucher). Thank you for the work done.

Thank you for posting the instructions here. :grinning: This workaround is easy and seems to fix the problem -> PoGo doesn’t crash anymore after launching the app AND it doesn’t crash when trying to catch a pokemon either. I’m happy that I can finally enjoy the game again! :star_struck:

Thanks so much for this fix! PoGo doesn’t crash anymore. :relaxed:
Finally I can upgrade to Android 7 again. Since my downgrade to Android 6 I had a lot o issues with the performance of my phone.

After a while playing opnieuw Pokemon Go on my FP2, I confirm that everything is running absolutely smoothly since the FP team released its smart experimental fix. Bravo and thanks again.

I came to the forum to look for a solution to a recent problem on my FP2 (totally unrelated to this).
Remember this thread, even if I didn’t play this game for 9 months due to the bug.
Out of curiosity, I looked for the thread and read the comments.
See the fix and try it.
Now I’m able to play PokemonGo again (and there goes my abstinence lol)

And I’m confused by some changes in the game :rofl:


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