Simpsons Tapped Out issue

Whenever i open “Simpsons Tapped Out” on my FP 3+ I get a funny gurgling noise out the speaker. It stops once the game starts. It doesn’t happen on my old Samsung. Should I raise a bug or anything. Something is not right.

Maybe the gurgling is the real deal and other phones just don’t get it :slight_smile:

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There has been a new update for the game and it is still happening. It starts on the title screen while the game is loading and stops when you select a character. It is like a few in game fx have been mashed up and looped. I have all the sounds turned off in the game and, as i said, it doesn’t happen on my samsung.

Also, the game is a little laggy when scrolling compared to my 3 year old samsung.

I encounter some gurgling noise as well on the speaker depending on the settings of the sound equalizer. I access the equalizer settings from Spotify. If it’s enabled, it can happen that the speaker produce a weird noise.
Do you use the equalizer ? I don’t know how to open the equalizer settings without Spotify.

Perhaps with EA? But then again this seems to be going on for years on all kinds of devices, so how much hope is there :man_shrugging: ? …

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