Simple but- how do you change units on the Fairphone?

I had a Fairphone 3, all apps okay, swapped out to a different borrowed phone when it died and then back into a replacement FP3+. Suddenly a load of apps are in the wrong units. Mostly not an issue BUT a few apps are used for technical work things so they really need to be correct! The App people all claim this in the (google?) settings on the phone but I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone know where it is? My phone has also just gone from Android 11 to 13 so some things have moved around …!

Is your system language by chance set to English (United States) instead of English (United Kingdom) (or other domain using the metric system)?


Fab point! You rare a star. I have found and fixed that- actually it had mostly fixed itself today- I just had about 6 updates today for Android 13, so i think it may also have been yet another 13 gremlin!
So far the apps are behaving better if not perfectly, so I’ll let it settle for a few hours, maybe reboot again lol.
The app helpdesk only say “this is a setting on your phone” (units) but not ours it isn’t!

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