Sim slots not working properly in fp2

I have been using the sim slot one and since 1 week every now and them it stops detecting the sim card. When I reboot the phone it detects it again, but lately it’s been happening more and more often (up to 10mins after I reboot the phone). Also when I call I stop hearing the people sometimes or I hear them intermittently.
Now I changed it to sim slot 2 and I hope it works. But I’ll be needing to use both slots soon.

What’s your provider?

Telia in Norway. But I have used in 3 phones before: Samsung (not smartphone), Nokia phone and iPhone and had no problem at all with that sim card

People have reported problems with old sim cards.
How long do have your sim card?

I asked you, because there’s a problem between a certain SIM version of the German provider Congstar and some phones (p.e. One Plus One) that leads to the destruction of the SIM. It seems that the FP2 is also affected. My Congstar SIM died a couple of week ago and the first symptomes were quite similar to the ones you have.

A little bit less than 5 months

Thanks Irina! :slight_smile:

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Hi Irina,

Thanks for your reply. I am also having problems with my Congstar SIM card. What did you do to get this fixed, you had to ask for a copy?



I ordered a replacement SIM.