SIM slot 2 not working if slot 1 is empty

Hello everyone,

Last week my SIM cards in my FP1 (version 1.8.6 with unified storage, latest roaming fix installed two weeks ago) stopped working without any apparent reason. Without me doing anything, my phone suddenly lost all connectivity and displayed both SIM cards to be missing. The phone didn’t even ask for PINs when I turned it on.

I use a Dutch SIM card (simyo/KPN) in slot 1 and a German SIM card ( in slot 2.

Now it seems to be working again (don’t ask me why). However, during my testing I learned that no SIM is recognized if slot 1 is empty. Is it a known limitation that slot 2 only works if there is another SIM in slot 1? Or is this already strange behavior?

I also fear that it might just break again without an apparent reason.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and knows how to work around this?


Have you flagged this already to @Techaddict to see if it is something in the roaming fix update that has caused this?

Nope, haven’t tried that. Thanks for taking care of it for me.

Meanwhile the same story has happened again. It works again (after I’ve tried several combinations unsuccessfully) but I fear it breaks any moment.

Hey, sorry for being late to the party here.

We have not heard of other users that installed the fix and got this bug so personally I don’t think it is caused by the fix. We have had occasions where SIM cards would simply freeze (the small microprocessor chip).

Usually rebooting the device a couple of times and taking out the battery helps in these cases.
Maybe it is worth a try to replace the SIM card(s) if it ever happens again?

I realized this already about one year ago, that SIM slot 2 without slot 1 is not working (FP1). Now, with version 1.8.5, I tried it again and it still doesn’t work.
So I don’t think this problem is connected to a recent fix, but I also would be happy about a solution…

Do you happen to know whether these other users are also using both SIM slots?

I don’t think that’s the issue for me since both my SIM cards work in any other phone.

Maybe this is intended behaviour. Does anyone know?