SIM card slot 2 doesn't function

Have had the FP2 for long time and love it. Just got a new SIM and found that SIM SLOT 2 isn’t reading cards. I’ve got the new SIM card to work in SLOT 1, but SLOT 2 is always greyed out, regardless of what card is in. Any ideas?

Is the 2nd slot enabled: ?


There’s no “SIM cards > SIM Enablers” option available on the latest version of FP Android. Maybe that article is out of date?

I go to Settings > SIM cards and “SIM 2” is greyed out regardless of what card is in the slot.

I don’t have my FP2 here at hand, i will check, when I’m home.

Can’t rule out damaged SIM holder pins in slot 2 as you state had FP2 for long time, so probably the earlier more fragile type unfortunately.

Seems odd to me it would get fundamentally damaged just opening the phone 3 or 4 times.

You don’t elaborate whether device has been in use with both SIM slots occupied and just renewed one SIM and found slot 2 not working, or been using one SIM in slot 1 all along and just thought to try slot 2 now with replacement SIM. Do any of the gold pins in slot 2 look at all distorted compared with slot 1?

Is your new SIM a three in one and you have pushed out microSIM size with nano inset or is it dedicated microSIM? Newer type of SIM holder in FP2 exerts more contact pressure upon the thinner nanoSIM portion in centre as here:

I’ve only had one card, always operating in SLOT 1 for the two years (ish) that I’ve had the phone. The new SIM is a three in one, but it works in SLOT 2 just fine. (Having the original SIM which is NOT a three in one doesn’t work either.)

Does this screenshot help? Just noticed the lack of a third pin in SLOT 2. Doesn’t seem to be the result of damage, but rather design. Could that be the issue? Is that the standard design?

No that is definitely damage (not saying it’s your fault though).
Newer core modules have different SIM slots that don’t break that easily.

I’d contact support and ask if they can help you (I don’t know if this is a warranty case, but I’d at least try).
If that doesn’t work you could offer a trade + some cash with someone who doesn’t need/use two SIMs in the #market.


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