Sim card not recognized

Suddenly, although it was working well, my fairphone says “no sim card”. I cannot call or SMS anymore (no 4g).
If i turn it off and on, it works again for a few minutes.
Any Idea whats happening ?
Thank tout !

Hi and welcome to the forum.

There are a number of issues in question

  • What OS and version are you using
  • Do you use an SD card
  • Does this happen in both sim slots
  • have you tried a new sim
  • what network are you using
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Yes, probably…
Android 10, no sd card, no second sim, and i dont know i havent tried with another sim card !
As i said, sometimes it works… I was wondering if it was an “usual” fairphone problem or if i had to contact my operator (red SFR), knowing that there is no shop…

Probably the SIM is just “loose”, so try to put it back in. If this does not help, def. try the second slot. And if this neither helps and you cannot test another SIM, contact your provider, maybe the SIM is faulty.


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