SIM card not detected after installing /e/

I successfully installed /e/ a few days ago and did some general setup, everything was working.

Today I’ve finally put in my SIM card to make the final switch, but the Fairphone doesn’t recognize my SIM card.
Unfortunately I can’t confirm it worked on my Fairphone to begin with as this is the first time I tried putting it in. It might just be me but the Fairphone seemed to keep ever so slightly ejecting my SIM card, forcing me to keep it in place (with a toothpick!) to get the battery back in. Anybody else experienced this? The Fairphone setup video shows the SIM card just fitting into the slot all snug.

In any case, I’d like some help at least figuring out if this is software related or not as I have seen quite some comments around having troubles with their SIM card on /e/.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried putting the SIM into the other SIM slot? Just in case?


That will not work.
You will have to push the SIM card into the slot all the way, it will then stay there.

That it comes back out shows you were not quite there to trigger the mechanism that would keep the ejector spring in check to keep the card in.
It should look like this in the end, but you will have to push it a bit further in than that to trigger the mechanism (and you would have to do the same again to get it out, the spring would eject it then) …


Also, be sure to not use a SIM card simply cut out of a larger one with scissors or a SIM cutter. Even if you could get the card in, this would often invite general hardware trouble with the phone and/or network connection trouble and would neither be supported by Fairphone (when diagnosed) nor by your mobile network provider.


This was a valiant attempt because I thought of it too.

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It’s a mixed type of feeling knowing you won’t need to do anything else but boy does it feel stupid.

Not pushing it in far enough was the answer. I don’t think I ever had to push this hard to get it in but that tiny satisfying “click” it made almost made up for me wasting my time on it last night.

Thank you very much! Beyond the fact you already quoted someone in similar circumstances, I have a feeling this is gonna be popping some more over the years.


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