Sim card: 'no service'

About two weeks ago my (telenet) sim-card no longer connected to the network. I tried restarting the phone, changing the SIM-slot, putting in another SIM-card,… The provider has tried to reset the connection. No change! I’m getting a bit desperate now, as I cannot make phone calls, send or receive sms, nor enter 4G network. Luckily wifi is not a problem without a working SIM, but in times of corona virus, it’s quiet frustrating not to be able to contact the doctors office…

I’m thinking I should replace a part in my phone, but cannot find the module with the SIM-slots in the shop. Did I overlook? Or is this part not replaceable?

There is a testing tool in your FP2 settings:
Settings > Maintenance > Checkup (terms may be different in Dutch/French)

While I might not be able to interpret the results, maybe someone else can if you list them here. Perhaps they offer a hint as to what’s wrong.

Unfortunately the SIM slots are an integral part of the core module and cannot be replaced by any spare part in the shop.

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For both my SIM-cards the checkup says ‘SIM not connected’

Does this mean I will have to buy a new phone?

The core module is currently only sold as part of a repair job in case the repair center diagnoses swapping it would be necessary …

Fairphone has a help section here.

How to check if you have the latest software version is explained here.

Have you already tried to shutdown the phone and remove the SIM card. Now start the phone and let it completely boot up.
Again shutdown the phone, reinsert the SIM card and restart it. Any change?
Does the SIM card contacts look clean?

Like I mentioned in my original post: yes I did, no change unfortunately.
The SIM-slots look clean. The software is up to date.

Try if you can in another phone if your SIMs are still working.
Best would be another Fairphone 2.
Perhaps there is a #fairphoneangels in your neighborhood.

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