SIM card loss + data comsuption discrepancies after last OS update


I have been experiencing a new problem for a few weeks, starting after the last OS update 1.7.1. At random times, the SIM cease to be detected by the phone, and simultaneously, the data consumption record change from 0,78 Go over the last month to 3,95Go (completely wrong quantity). It does not look likes previous SIM card problems reported here since the card is completely lost : I cannot reenter my pin, and in the menu, the phone displays “No SIM” and thus I cannot disable and enable it again. This does not seem to be a hardware problem, for rebooting the phone usually solves it for a time, and it is currently the only way to solve the problem. Plus, the strange changes in recorded data consumption points toward a software problem.

I have been using the same SIM (provided by Free) from the beginning, and only one SIM slot. I have identified so far no pattern for the disconnection, it can happen when I am using the phone or when inactive.
The main problem is that I am disconnect at random times without any kind of warning, and thus cannot be contacted in any way until I look at the phone and see the problem, and that several times a day every day. My phone has become completely unreliable.

If anyone has clues about how to solve that, it would help immensely.

Hey @lorraine_Montel,
sorry for the late reply.

My first guess would be that your SIM card is not working well anymore. If its old ask your provider for a new one - they usually provide free replacements for old SIMs. If not, first try a friend’s SIM to test if it’s the SIM’s fault.

Also did you install 1.8 yet? Sometimes software updates can go wrong and reinstalling the OS or updating to a newer version can solve these issues.

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