SIM card doesn't work

I just received my new fairphone. I put in my sim but the fairphone cannot access my network with the sim in either sim-port, My sim still works in my old phone. The fairphone can tell the sim is there, and I get the little search icon but still no signal, even in places I get full signal with my old phone. I’m not able to phone neither send sms.
I tried to select automatically and manually my mobile operator in the settings but it doen’t work. I tried to put an other sim card but i twas the same problem. Now I don’t know what to do… Anybody can help me ?

If you’ve tried multiple SIMs in your new phone and it’s not working with any of them then it may well be a fault with the phone.

I’d suggest contacting Fairphone Support (scroll to the bottom of the page) to look at this for you.