Sim Card can't find network

Yes hi, I got my new FairPhone yesterday, and up intill now it has work fine with my two simcards. Untill I rebooted the whole thing (cuz the google play apps stopped working at all) - and now it can’t find a network for my main card? I’m in Denmark, and I have a danish and a swedish simcard - the swedish works fine and is even connected to the same network as the danish card should be, but the danish card can’t connect? Tried to switch the cards in the simholder but that didn’t change anything.

…now the swedish card stopped being on the correct network aswell. Is there a generall problem with the FairPhone and the 3-network?


Nevermind, it hade something to do with “preferred networks” apparently. :slight_smile: Works fine now.

…no wait, there it stopped working again. I can find the network when I search for available networks but when I try to connect manually it says “Can’t connect, try later”.

Hi Hannah and welcome to fhe Fairphone world! Sorry to hear that you’ve got this annoying problem. Since you have 3 as your operator/provider, maybe you have the same problem as described here:

The FP only allows for 3G on one SIM card at a time (but you can change this manually in the settings menu, e.g. when going from Denmark to Sweden). The other will only have 2G connection) Normally this doesn’t matter when it comes to ordinary phone calls, since most operators use both 2G and 3G networks (Telia for instance) But 3 only operates on the 3G network, meaning you cannot switch from SIM1 to SIM2 without changeing the 3G settings as described in the abovementioned thread (see penultimate post describing this).

…so what you are saying is that I can’t have 2 simcards with 3-network on the fairphone at the same time? Cuz now I managed to get the danish card to connect to the “3 3G”-network by changing the data settings, but now the swedish card can’t even find a 3-network to connect to.

Yes… you can’t have 2 SIM cards connected to 3G networks at the same time. You’ll have to change the data settings when on the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö (or the ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg). A nuisance, of course, since you won’t be able to receive calls to your disabled SIM - if, for example, your Swedish operator had been Telia, you would have had access to a 2G connection (for voice calls). But since 3 only operates on the 3G net, one of the cards will always be disabled.

I see. Well. That kinda effectively ruined the whole point for me, since the reason that I have 3 as network for both my swedish and danish number is because they are the only ones who have the same taxes for both countries, meaning it won’t cost extra to receive or make calls from my swedish number when in Denmark, and vice versa.
Any thought on if this is going to change somehow in the near future?

It’s been suggested in another thread that the limitation is hardware-related. If so, it can not be fixed by a software upgrade, unfortunately.