Sim calls preference keeps changing

I have two UK sim cards in my Fairphone 3. One is Vodafone which is my main one, and the number all my contacts know. The other is EE (actually 1p mobile on the EE network) which I use only as a backup in case I am in a location without a Vodafone signal. I have used Settings to set the preferences to vodafone for sms, data and calls. However, the calls preference e keeps resetting itself to EE periodically without any intervention from me. This means, if I don’t notice the change and I make a call, my contact will see a number they don’t recognise and may therefore not answer my call. I have reset the call preference multiple times but it always changes back again after a few days, or a week or two. The sms and data preferences are stable and remain with Vodafone unless I change the settings myself. Can anyone suggest why this may be happening or what I can do to prevent it?


have you tried adding a PIN to each.?

There are other vagrancies that may effect stability

  • SD card formatted as Internal
  • Poor contacts, dirty SIM etc. so the phone has to switch.
  • Signal strengths

Thanks. When I restart the phone it asks for a sim pin. In settings I can see a sim lock setting. This is on for. Vodafone and off for EE. If I turn the EE one on, it asks me for a pin. When I put one in to try to set it up it tells me it is incorrect and a third wrong attempt will lock me out. This is strange as (as far as I’m aware) I’ve never set or used a sim pin for the EE card.

A) can you reset the phone without loosing data
B) maybe EE can issue a new SIM which may then circumvent need for a PIN ?

I have never seen a SIM coming without PIN and PUK etc… maybe you can find the information in your account (given you have one to check invoices etc)?

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OK, I have found the PIN for the EE sim card and used setting to turn on “pin lock” for the EE card (it now means I have to enter two sim pins whenever I restart the phone. I can confirm that the SD card is not formatted as internal. If the Vodafone sim was faulty, surely it would switch for sms and data too? Or fail to make calls. neityher of these is the case. Re signal strength, my question is, if I have set Vodafone as the preferred sim for calls and I move into an area with no Vodafone signal but a present EE signal, would the preference change even if i didn’t make or receive a call? And then not revert to my set preference when I returned to a Vodafone reception area? It doesn’t do that for SMS or data, so not sure why it would do it for the calls preference. If that was designed behaviour I would expect it would happen to everyone who uses their fairphoine with two sims, but no-one has responded to my post to say they have the same problem, so I suspect it is something else. Anyone? Let’s see if setting up the sim lock for EE makes any difference. So far it hasn’t switched since I posted my question (typical!!)

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