Signal: not pushing messages

I use Signal as my default message app, and this works great, except for one thing: encrypted messages do not arrive until I open the app.

Any normal SMS arrives immediately and I am notified by a notification. But the Signal messages from other users of the app only arrive after I open the app. Then they start streaming in, in a notification frenzy.

Does anyone else has this and does someone maybe know a solution?

I am on FPOOS 16.06 with OpenGAPPS pico installed (only play store).


Is this related?

Else … GAPPS pico is not just “the play store”.


Nice! Great you remembered a post from '14 :slight_smile:
I’ll try this after my next update to (probably) 16.08 and report back. I’m afraid that everyone has to verify my key again and this is such a time consuming thing to do, when done properly…

I hope I, or someone else, is able find the root of the problem and come up with a permanent solution…

Maybe it’s a different problem? Their ticket system is pretty good. Maybe others have report something similar there?

Indeed, like here:


Tried it just now, and yes; it works!

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