Signal MMS file size restriction

The Signal sms app has a really bad picture quality when sending any picture via sms/mms. Any one know how to change the file size.

See Signal Help:

Signal has an MMS file size limit of 300kb.
Providers have a limit to MMS size, so Signal’s limit is within those of providers.

Photos are usually over 300 kB, so the file size will be shrunk down and this will cause a reduced image quality.

So you have to send your images in another way to conserve the image quality:

  1. Use Signal messages. They are free and do not have such a low size limit.
  2. Use e-mails. They are free and do not have such a low size limit.
  3. Use an online image host like picflash.org and send the link via SMS/MMS.
  4. It is not guaranteed that you can succesfully send a MMS over 300 kb. But you can try using another MMS app without any limits. If you have luck, the providers of you and your receiver allow larger MMS which will not be shrunk down or refused.

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