Signal Messenger responsible for GSM bad data connection

Just to help those who still have some GSM bad data/calls problems.

Short Summary: I was able to recover a good GSM signal quality just by removing Signal Messenger application.

It has been a while now that I try to understand why the 4G connection is so bad with my FP2. I run FairPhone Open and use Signal Messenger as main chat application.
After reading a lot of posts about the same problem (resolving-bad-signal-call-partners-don-t-hear-me, no-signal-bad-data-connection), I tried this suggestion:

And indeed, in my case, GSM was working great just by rebooting in safe mode. Then, it didn’t take a lot of time to find the guilty app: after removing Signal, all GSM problems were solved…

Hope this helps,


Could you provide instructions on how to remove the Signal Messenger please? (I’m very limited in my tech abilities! :blush:)

Sorry for the late answer. Signal Messenger is not part of the FairPhone Open OS by default. So you should remove it… the same way you installed it :slight_smile:
I mean, I installed Signal using Yalp Store and removed it the same way.
By the way, I switched to Conversations as a replacement messaging tool and it works great.

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