Signal messenger on open os drains battery

Hi all, I wonder if others expierence the same problem as me. When I use the signal messenger app on my fairphone with open os and without Google services, the battery drains fast.

I’ve read that signal uses Google push notifications. But since I don’t have them I switch off the battery saving option to receive my messages. I’m pretty sure that this setting is the bad guy.

But how do I fix this problem? Can someone help me?

Is there an option to adjust the frequency of the polling of the Signal server? E.g. set it to every 10 minutes or whatever seems suitable and check the result.

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Hi Amber, thanks for your response. Unfortunately these settings I’ve not found. I’m searching over the Web. But it seems I’m like the only one suffering from this.

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When you don’t use OpenGApps (with GCM/Firebase) some applications fall back to manually checking if messages have been received. This takes a lot of battery power on e.g. WhatsApp. I’m using Signal, but I didn’t notice any drain, so I’m not sure about this post. And also, I use LOS + microG. What I wrote applies to at least microG.

Hi Jeroen. Because I refuse to use any Google service. Yeah I’m that fanatic. But I look up what openGapps has to offer. WhatsApp doesn’t drain as much as signal on my phone.

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