Should wastewater be considered waste or resource?

Hi there all sustainability gurus!

I’m a proud owner of a FP3 and shortly after I bought one, my girlfriend was offered to choose a work phone for her job as a researcher at the University. After a lot of pressure and persuasion the Uni made it possible for employees to choose the FP3 as their work phone of choice.

This made us very happy and she has since tried to convince others at the university to consider the fairphone.

However, she works with research on small scale wastewater nutrient recovery, and yesterday the phone fell in a two meter deep wastewater tank while taking samples!!

What do you think? Is it worth to take out the swimwear and dive down to recover it? Or is there no hope left and it should be considered waste like the water surrounding it?

I guess, it’s always worth a try.
Just treat the phone right, once it is recovered.
And I would advise to follow the water-damage wiki of iFixIT

And don’t put it in rice, ever!'t_Put_Your_Device_in_Rice._Here's_Why


Worth the dive either way; even if it cannot be revived, it’ll likely contain functioning modules - or at the very least, scarce substances that can be recycled.

Whether or not it can be revived is a toss-up. If it didn’t manage to turn itself off before too much damage was done, it may have shorted out all over the shop and could be dead as a door-nail. If the phone did turn itself off in time, it may be perfectly fine - but the longer you leave it, the more damage the battery can wreak.

And as Bert said, when you do fish it out, follow those guides (and our own #waterwiki) to the letter. Clean it up thoroughly and above all else, don’t be tempted to try to turn the phone on before you’ve given it the time to fully dry. Turning on a perfectly functional phone while it’s wet is like putting it on the electrical chair.


In echo of the previous replies ~ One person’s waste is another’s resource ~

Bob Marley ~ Corner Stone “The stone that the builder refuse will always be the head corner stone . . . the things people refuse are the things they should use” So do you want to try your hand at building? :slight_smile:

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