Should i wait for FP5

My FP3 is a bit glitchy especially with Facebook. Had it nearly 4 years. I bought it and missed out on FP4 by a few months. Don’t want to make the same mistake this time. Soooo do i buy a FP4 or wait and hope theres a FP5 this year?

Hm, This question permanently pops up once a new model of whatever type of product gets launched.
But I think if it comes to smartphones this is the most central question for many customers.
There will always be a next “model”, if it’s not from Fairphone then Apple, Samsung, Xioami or any other manufacturer will pump out a next model.
Imho I would advise you to wait for FP10, just to be sure you won’t miss out features of FP5-9.

But that’s totally up to you. After all, if this question is of central relevance obviously the “longevity” factor still is being neglected.
I started with the FP2 which is still going well after 7 years being now used as bluetooth playback device.
I skipped the FP3 due to longevity reasons and now have the big FP4 for everyday use. These devices are actually mobile computers and these days even closer with 8GB ram and 256+ GB storage, what’s next to expect beside a 200MP multi-lense 3D camera, 8k display, flying saucage and crap?
Most users I believe just need a high-class camera which is most often criticized when comparing the tech specs from any Fairphone with other un-fairphones. Everything else is just exaggerated for the use of social media and audio/video playback.
Is there something specific you are waiting for coming with the FP5, maybe the great return of the so much missed internal audio jack?

This is surely not a FP3 hardware but a software/OS “glitch”. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by reinstalling, maybe resetting in worst case or dumping crappy Google Android and put some proper OS on the hardware.
I wouldn’t change the platform just because a piece of software isn’t operating properly.
Search and read in the forum about FP2 and the FB app back then after an update. Many users had massive system stability issues after updating the app. At last it was Facebook that messed up, not Fairphone. Isn’t there an alternative FB app option available? Back then for FP2 at least there was.

To assure my FP4 hardware would work properly right from the start I first dumped the original Google Android and flashed /e/ OS 0.1 on it. After several updates it still operates to my fullest satisfaction. The same step I done with my old FP2 and put LineageOS on it to keep it smoothly working for some longer.
There are so many options to fix things by just switching software or reinstalling, readjusting settings.
Sometimes another app is the culprit.
After FP4 I actually don’t know what reasonable urgent modification could come if it’s not just for updating the SoC to get longer driver support from Qualcomm.
I don’t miss it, but others do miss Wifi6 support, Qi charging (to put more stress on the battery reducing charge cycles even quicker), there’s 8k out there, yes some need this on a tiny 6’ screen :roll_eyes:
maybe more USB-C port features and of course more (mips,flips,flops - computing power…).
I think the FP4 platform has enough resources to keep on with it for much longer. I can’t believe FP5 is even near any corner. But I do think it will be Fairphone’s top model closing up to large manufacturers flagships, they are at least half way there with FP4.
The two model strategy isn’t just for fun.

If the FP3 is ok enough to be used a handful of months, I’d wait until September. Both FP3 and FP4 were released in September and were 2 years apart. So with no real information at hand, it’s the best speculation we can do.


Hi jeni

In case your FP3 is “just” glitchy with some apps but not in general, then I´d rather bet that whatever apps you use cause some conflicts - but not the FP3 at all.

In such a case my advice would be to save all stuff you got on on it and that you really need. Somewhere off the device. Then try a factory reset and reinstall your apps and bring all the data back on it.
Chances are good that this procedure makes your FP3 mostly like it was before - without all those glichty issues you got



Given the current economic situation in Europe, and the fact the FP4 isn’t yet fully debugged, if I were Fairphone (which I am not…), I would not release a FP5 this year.

I would focus on first making the FP4 a all-around positive experience and improving my software skills that way, so 1.) people keep trusting Fairphone to do a good job (even if it takes a little longer), and 2.) when a FP5 is eventually released it doesn’t get the same “yes but” type reviews as the FP4.

It’s the old “fool me once…” saying, if they release two consecutive half-finished products (and especially leave them that way!) they will become known as something to avoid.

Just my 2 cents worth.


That doesn’t make sense. I bought my FP3 Oct 21 so only 2.5 years old and the FP4 was a year later in Sept 22, and that was pre-order, . . .

I haven’t read all the replies but

a) I expect my FP3 to last for many years.

b) There will be an update to A13 in the ‘near’ future, which is ‘better’ than what is available for the FP4.

c) As mentioned the FP4 is going through the ropes at the moment


  • Check your memory : Clear the cache storage of Apps and the bin in the camera
  • if you have an SD card ensure it is formatted as Portable
  • Try using in Safe mode for a while to see if any apps are a problem
  • Save all your personal data and do a factory reset

Don’t wait for a new phone, work on what you have and buy an FP4 if you like and get ahead of that game. Always good to have a working spare.

And yes the 2 year between version is the way it has been but I’m hoping it will be another year for the FP5 i.e. Sept 2024


yay, thank you for answering my question rather than bashing me with tech stuff that goes over the head of a 70 year old non techy pensioner. i love you forever. that absolutely makes sense. xxxxx

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that’s fab don thank you so much. i will ask my son to do that for me. thank you for answering in a way that a non techy oldie understands and can act on xxxxxx

thanks. may i ask if you think the FP 4 is worse or better than FP 3

thanks. may i ask what the issues with FP4 compared to 3 are please. keep it simple i’m an oldie non techy

I can’t say anymore than you can read on the forum. My daughter has one. She likes it as it has a slightly more solid, not so slippy older feel, although she says the FP4 camera software is better. I’m fine with the FP3 cameras.

The FP3 also has a 3.5mm Jack socket for old sorts of old and new headphones.

With the FP4 you either use Bluetooth headphones that require batteries and bit of fuss or you can buy an adapter to match the 3.5mm jack to the USB C port.

Whereas that means the USB Port will get more use the UBB C port on the FP4 is replaceable.

Please spend time reading the forum, but note, the complaints are not representative of the large amount of FP4 owners which probably run to 300,000.

that’s really helpful, thank you so much. and thank you hugely for keeping it simple xxxxx