Should I use a screen protector?

and if so, which one would you recomend?

I use a screen protector foil and I have no problems with it. But it is a little bit smaller than the screen.

I also noticed that there was already a foil on the screen.

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thanks a lot Tofra, although it is bad if it does not fit perfectly. So, you think it already comes with a protector?
Does anyone else have found a good fitting protector?

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@TobiasF yeh, I can see like some hints of a foil too. Not sure if its replaceable though. Probably going to put another one on just in case.

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If you want to use the foil which in on the screen when you receive it, you have to cut a bit from the sides, otherwise you could have trouble with placing the back cover.
You also have to cut the top part of the foil till the beginning of the screen. Because now the foil is covering the gps, proximity, which could affect the working.

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I bought a screen protector foil at amazon for a few €, I’ve been using that for years on other smartphones, I don’t want to take the risk of a scratch wich will annoy me the next years…


Hahaha, I have been using it with the foil the whole time. We are actually meant to take that thing off?


You can use it with the foil on, I think. Just cut of a little bit of the top, so you don’t cover the proximity sensor.

For size: I bought a screen protector for Huawei Ascend P8 and cut off the bottom. It works BUT it warped my already warped proximity sensor so that screen goes black when phoning. I’ve cut off the protector over the sensor but now I am back to unwanted things happening while I phone…

Somwhere I read that Faoirphone themselves say you won’t need a screen protector.
However, if you want one you won’t need to cut one from another phone, there are FP2 specific screen protectors. You can find some suggestions and experiences in this thread.

You all know, that the sceen of the FP2 is protected by Gorilla-Glass? No protection necessary …

I got a few scratches on the screen just having it in my pocket with a coin… So if you really want a screen without scratches, use a protection. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about should, but I’m using this one

It fits perfectly and has holes for the camera and sensors, which is better than the film that comes with the phone, but it seems to pick up more finger oil.


Yes, I have this also, my screen protector foil is also prone to fingerprints (annoying) and micro-scratches (hardly visible). I have not changed it yet. The glass itself seems to be less prone to fingerprints.

@crabmusket and @TobiasF: Do you have this tiny gap between protector and case?

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