Should I try to replace my broken screen myself?

I got my fairphone just a few days ago and managed to break it already. My old phone I had for three years and never had to repair it. But with this one I dropped it on a stone floor and the screen broke. Not the glass part though, just the touch part underneath. I’m not sure I should send it in for repair or order the part to fix it myself. I’m quiet practical and good at following instructions but I don’t know anything about phones. I might end up breaking it worse. And I’m not sure if anything else is broken apart from the touch screen.

To see how you repair a broken screen, look at display assembly. Here you can get an idea what you have to do. At the moment only B-stock screen with the touchpart are on sale in the webshop. Be careful to buy the right screen (first of second batch).

I saw that step by step tutorial earlier. It seems simple enough but I don’t have any of the tools required.

The tools you need, can also be bought in the shop.
Sorry to say, but the B-stock screen is only for First batch, therefore not for your second batch phone.
A-screens should be available soon.

What about this one?

You’re right, I didn’t see this one. Sorry for that.
It in the second batch spareparts section, so a B-stock is available right now for you.

A-Stock screens are available in the Fairphone webshop here (this is the FP1U screen, considering you just received your phone I guess you need that one)

OK, I will share my experience with you: I bought a new FP and had to replace the display because it already broke. I bought the cheap display. It took nearly one hour to follow all the steps but at the end I fixed it. I already fixed some apple displays and I must say: they were easier to fix, sorry FP.

I have now changed my screen and thought I’d let you know how it went. it took a long time for me to get the part because for some reason the deliver company sent me a letter as pick up notification. I bought the cheaper screen and do not see any difference between it and the old one.

It took me about half an hour to change it. I didn’t need to buy any tools to do it. I borrowed a tine screwdriver from my neighbor. Other tools I used was a plastic access card that is quiet thin, an opened safety pin and my nails. The only problem I had was that the camera disconnected from the motherboard at one point. I connected it again and it seems it’s working fine. Everything else also seems to be working but I haven’t used it for long yet. I’ll write here if any problems comes up.