Should I trade in my Fairphone 4 for a Fairphone 3/3+? Is the Fairphone 3/3+ a more sustainable choice?

I just bought the Fairphone 4 yesterday.
As my old phone had just broken for the fourth time and I had gift card to a major electronics store, I thought I might as take the plunge and purchase a new på phone.
I picked out the Fairphone 4 which was the only which was the only model they carried, not knowing that any other models existed.
Post purchase I found out about the Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+.
They appear to suit me better as they appear to be less bulkey, have a simpler camera, less storage etc.

Is the Fairphone 4 more sustainable than the Fairphone 3/3+?
If so, I might try to return my Fairphone 4 and buy one of the other two instead.

Many thanks!

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One factor you might also want to consider is warranty. The FP3+ comes with “only” 2 years of warranty, for the FP4 you get 5 years (you just need to register for the warranty with Fairphone).

While I am happy with my own FP3+, one more thing to consider is that the FP4 comes with an IP54 certification for water resistance while the FP3+ comes without this.


As Urs says, FP4 guarantee is 5 years (three years longer than FP3). I would expect from this, that spare parts are also likely to be available for longer, and that it would therefore be easier to keep the FP4 in service for longer (setting software questions aside).

The most sustainable phone is, and always will be, the one you don’t need to replace.


Well, if you are finding someone here in the forum who wants badly a FP4, and is considering to give away his FP3+ to get one, then barter your phones would be a sustainable thing, I guess.

Regarding Support: Since I recently bought spare parts for my FP2 (after 7 years or so), and was announced a major Android Upgrade, I wouldnt bother much about lacking 5-year-guarantee for FP3+: Most probably you will get 5+ years support also there. Fairphone has a name to lose, and until now they have always lived up to their name.


That’s indeed the case, I have one too. Unfortunately new bottom modules, the most fragile and therefore most often replaced part, are no longer available, though they are offering refurbished / repaired ones, which is truly laudable and demonstrates their commitment that we all appreciate.


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I am sure you have considered this and there are downsides to it, but a refurbished Fairphone is an option if sustainability and a hatred of Tech Waste are high on your agenda. Everyone’s experience is different but personally I have used Fairphone since the days of Fairphone 1 and have good experiences with refurbished phones. I have never bought a new phone.
I have only just recently had to get a FP3+ (refurbished) as FP2 went very sick indeed. My original FP1 worked fine for me (still have it) but the inability to upgrade to a later Android version proved a real stumbling block.
They are out there if you search but ,not for long, as they get snapped up pretty quickly. Good Luck.

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Much has been said about the options in other topics too.

  • The FP4 is a little heavier and slightly larger
  • It’s more up to date with a 5 year \warranty and no doubt support for a few years after that, so sustainability should not be a concern either way

I have a problem with the use of the word ‘sustainable’ What is it you are focusing on sustaining ? The planet, your phone, the people who build the phones etc. To sustain one, something has to give and be consumed, so what are you prepared to sacrifice in order to have a phone you are happy with.

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