Should I buy now a Fairphone3?

Hello everyone!
I discovered Fairphone 7 months ago, I really wanted to buy one but I also wanted to use my old mobile phone till its very end. That end has finally come, and it’s been one year since Fairphone3 has been released. Should I wait till the release of Fairphone4 by using second-hand phones or one year is not a big deal?
Thank you all in advance!

The Fairphone 4 will very likely not come until at least 2022, probably more to 23-24-ish.

However there is an ongoing discussion about whether it is more sustainable to buy a “normal” second hand phone or a new Fairphone. Both sides of the argument have fair points (I honestly don’t know which side to pick, although I slightly favour the second-hand-normal-phone-side), it’s up to you to decide which one you go for :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I bought a refurbished Fairphone 2, which I run under Lineage OS, from the last batch, i.e in June 2019, four years after the release of the FP2, and I’m intending to keep it as long as possible. Perhaps it won’t be as quick as other phones and will lag a little bit, but as I’m not a heavy user, my phone is doing perfectly its job (except from the few bugs I have, but they should be solvable, but I don’t think they’'re related to the phone’s age, rather seems to be factory defects).
So apart if you want very good performance, buying a Fairphone 3 one year after its release isn’t a big deal, you should be able to keep it for at least 4 years if everything’s ok.

A second-hand Fairphone :wink:


Please also bear in mind that Fairphone was originally founded to serve the fairtrade idea, i.e. to focus on improving the working conditions of people who retrieve raw materials and those who assemble the phone. While buying second hand phones certainly does sustainability a service, Fairphone also wants to be able to keep pursuing its original primary purpose – and that inevitably requires new revenue for Fairphone.


If I understood well the original question, I think it wasn’t whether to buy a Fairphone or a second-hand phone, more whether he should wait for the FP4 since the FP3 is getting old, and meanwhile use a second-hand one. @lollo am I correct?

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I think it depends on what is more important for the respective user:

  1. Save the environment by not buying a new phone, but a second-hand one. (It could be a Fairphone, too.) Or,
  2. Improve conditions of workers at the manufacturer site by buying a new Fairphone.

If you buy a second-hand phone, you save the environment, but do not support improving work conditions. If you buy a new Fairphone, you support improving work conditions, but do not save the environment.