Should I buy a FP1 battery?

Hi to all,
I have a FP1 since nearly 2 years.
Although it works mostly OK (it’s not the fastest smartphone, but it’s still OK if I charge it once a day…), I’m thinking of buying a second battery from the “spare parts” service.
Do you think it is a good investment?
It’s not really expensive, and I’ve read in this forum it works pretty well.
Am I right?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

I tend to think it’s always a good idea as there have been times when the battery was not available for a long period. So you would be prepared should your original battery fail and no new batteries be available.

However, don’t forget shipping is high due to legal obligations that Fairphone has to tiptoe (batteries like these are “hazardous” goods according to the law).

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Many thanks for your reply urs_lesse!

See here:



Exactly the same that happened to me. Since I bought a new battery last month, I can use my FP1 for two days without needing a recharge.
I suspect the new batteries have a little larger capacity than the old ones.

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The writing on the new battery should actually confirm 5% more capacity :slight_smile: (2100 vs. 2000).

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Thank you all for the replies. I’ve receive it and I don’t feel much improvement in terms of larger capacity of the battery, but it works well.