Shortcuts disappeared after reboot

I know the question wasn’t really directed at me personaly but

To check all is OK especially after installing some apps
For fun to see if the phone is happy
To swap SD cards
Play with SIM cards
Taking the battery out, checking if the insides are clean and if the battery looks healthy, not swollen.

I’m sure I’ll think of other reasons, after all the phone is largely a toy, not really just a phone. :slight_smile:

OH! and as I have two FP3s swapping any of the above.

I don’t boot my phone often. But when I do, I don’t expect to loose things, like shortcuts.


Never lost one they seem to stick like glue, maybe they love me :slight_smile:

But may happen as you see.
Try using another launcher

I remember to had this once or twice, too
On original OS with original launcher.
Changed, because of others reasons, to lawnchair and omega launcher, and it never happened again.

Now with iodeOS, these are all very old problems for me… :wink:

OK. Can you recommend a launcher that is similar to the Fairphone default launcher? Because I kind of like it.

Well I use Nova Launcher and never had an issue. I used it to get rid of the google search bar but there are other benefits :slight_smile:


Nova via google, which I don’t use:

My option

Similar is lawnchair 2 and omega launcher

I mean deliberately restarting the phone, for whatever reason. One might be it started running slowly and, like a PC, a restart can sort it out. Another is if the battery runs out.
Whatever the reason, I don’t think shortcuts should disappear.
As owigger says: " Rebooting does not always make shortcuts disappear. However, when the shortcuts disappear, it is always after a reboot. It happened twice during the past few weeks."

I’d rather not mess about installing new OS’s or launchers to be honest. I never had the problem until recently and was quite happy with my FP3.

I’m using bookmarks in Ecosia instead now. And for WhatsApp, Drive and Box I just have to open the app instead and use their in-built favourite features.
Maybe FP will fix the problem in a future update, if they know about it.

Unless users inform Fairphone officially then there’s nothing to fix. ??

Which requires

  • a ‘Safe mode’ start
  • a factory reset etc.

Right, thats it
It’s some kind of issue which will never fixed :wink:

To inform them officially is it this link?

I remember a few years ago trying to report things with my fp1 and the boilerplate response seemed to be “try in the forums” so I gave up contacting them.

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Yes that’s the official request for support.

Note if your phone is over two years old it doesn’t have warranty so they are not obliged to help.

In any case they are likely to think it is a user issue / app issue, hence the forum

So yes Fairphone can refer to the forum, my daughter had an issue with that and got quite heavy with them but she was only weeks into a new phone :slight_smile:

But as I mentioned they may
a) take a while to respond
b) ask you to do all manner of tricks which can take a lo----ng time
c) hence the referral to the forum I imagine :frowning:

Thanks amoun.
I think I’m stuck with it until either I figure out how to reproduce it reliably, or someone else sees this who’s already figured that out.
In the meantime I’ll save any important web links in bookmarks instead/as well.

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OK so the main issue is web links. I’ll test that out a bit and put some on my screen(s)

Well they’re only the main issue in so far as if I can’t remember which ones I had (you know, those sites you save for some day and never got round to using yet) I’m screwed for recreating them. With the other shortcuts I’ve got a finite number of options to choose from so it’s pretty easy, if annoying.

Appreciate you trying! Don’t put yourself out too much though!

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Forgive me folks if I missed it, but has anyone brought up the question if there is an SD card involved set up as extended internal storage? (so the shortcuts might suffer from a slow SD card response if apps are stored on the card)
I see amoun mentioned an SD card, but I guess the original poster hasn’t mentioned it yet, did he?


Hi! Nope, no sd card involved. I do have 2 SIM cards, but that’s nothing new.


I have an SD card in my phone, but I use it only to store files. I never moved any app to the SD card.

The same problem here.

Yesterday I realized that a shortcut to a Google Drive document and three shortcuts to pictures in my gallery just disappeared.

I updated to Android 11 a month ago or so but they disappeared only a couple of days ago.

I use the standard launcher and I can’t remember having installed anything in the last days.

I’ve just rebooted to see if they disappear but they’re all there.


I have rebooted today and now I’ve realized shortcuts have disappeared again.

At this point I’m pretty sure it’s somehow related to rebooting.

Has anyone already opened a ticket?

If not I’ll do it and keep you informed.


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