Shortcut or icon for vpn

Hi I successfully installed a VPN to my with the onboard means. Settings - Internet WLAN etc- extras -vpn
However the process of opening or closing VPN remains a multistep process.
It also exposes the username password to the user.
I would like to have an Icon or app to have this as a one touch operation.
Best in the Pulldown menu, where WLAN / Torch / Flight mode etc is located.

Is there a mean to get an Icon in this menu ?

If you swipe up on this page, do you then see more icons.
You could be lucky to have an icon for vpn there.

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I checked that before , there isn’t

As fair as I know, Fritz!Boxes are providing VPN via WireGuard, too. The WireGuard app is providing a tile to switch its status. You could try that. WireGuard is completly open source and will likely gain a bigger user base over the next years.

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