Shopping for a FP in Australia

Hi all, I have been watching FP for a while but have yet to take the plunge. It would be great if there were a retailer in Australia. Does anyone know if there is one or if there is a reason why it is only available in Europe?

As I understand it:
Fairphone is focusing on Europe right now, as exporting the phone overseas would require

  1. passing certifications,
  2. other hardware (or software? Idk) to support all the neccessary frequencies and
  3. offering the neccessary support in those countries. Requiring all customers to send their broken phones overseas is not exactly fair, customer friendly and rather appaling to many people when deciding on a new phone.

Before they do so, they try to get a stronger foothold in the european market and thereby gain a better financial standing to be able and fulfill the aforementioned neccessities.

To still order a phone, you might try to do so from a reseller, that is offering worldwide shipping. You can find a (probably incomplete) list of resellers in this thread:

And you might want to check first, if the frequencies supported by the FP3 are working for you and your network carrier.
They do not have data for the FP3 yet.
So checkt the technical data of the phone on the Fairphone homepage:

-> TechSpecs -> Network


Thank you for your response. it makes sense now.

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