Shooting in RAW format

@Incanus where have you found the RAW option in Open Camera on FP4? Have you experimented with the shutter speed? I can’t believe doesn’t go slower than 1/2.

I have no FP4, my ‘best’ one is a FP3. It was just a question which camera app offers raw shooting in general.
The maximum shutter speed of half a second on the FP4 was mentioned her too:

But I remember another threads with this topic. Maybe I can find it later.

Are you able to select the camera with OpenCamera? Would be interesting to access the third sensor plain data and visualizing as an image <3

As I said already, I don’t own a FP4.
But according to other users, only the main camera works and only with 12MP output.

Hi @giammi56. The RAW option can be found by selecting the gear icon in the upper right when you open Open Camera. Choose ‘Photo Settings’ in the list, then 'RAW is the 3rd setting down.


No, sadly you can’t currently select the lens to use with Open Camera (or any 3rd party camera app that I’m aware of)

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@Phragmites should be the case to ask to the NGCam project to implement such a thing? I sent a message to NGcam cahnnel, maybe I will send another one to the general GCam. It would be pretty interesting creating a fork/XML config for Fairphone btw!

PS. I’ve just realized someone took already initiative :wink:

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The stock camera app of the FP4 gives the opportunity for high resolution mode. The resulting Images have 48MP (6000*8000)

Call me “stupid”: but I have tried to take pictures with the FP4 / OpenCamera / RAW(DNG) settings. And they come out REALLY flat. Tried to import them in Capture One, but could not find any matching camera settings; and ACDSee also was no big help (I was able to get some color by maximizing the saturation - but even then the colors were too muted).
How does one get the colors straight for the DNG-files?

@Phragmites What happened in the end to your ticket about being able to save RAW images on the FP4?

I got my FP4 last week and see a lot of potential for the phone to have a great camera with flexibiity for the user. I am actually really interested in putting together a list of feature requests for the stock camera on FP4

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Hi @chilllitang . I’ve not heard anything back about that ticket, sadly. I’ve been using Open Camera and Adobe Lightroom Mobile to save the RAW files for editing on my computer and occasionally on my phone. I prefer their camera controls to the default camera anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

Oh I am sad to hear that. One quick question: From what I have read in the forums, using 3rd camera apps like Open Camera means that we don’t have access to the wide-angle lens - right?

Hi @chilllitang . That’s correct, unfortunately. I think we’re all hoping they open the api to let 3rd party apps access that camera in the future

The only solution is to edit the pictures even more or to use another app like Gcam port. This is one of the reasons why I don’t use OpenCamera anymore.