Fairphone 3 + module or Fairphone 4 camera request

Hello all,

I am an owner of a Fairphone 3 and I am intrested to focus on camera specs of this phone.
I was doing some astrophotography with my previous phone (Lg g4) that requests long exposure camera capabilities ( even arriving at 30 seconds of exposure time) and I was enjoying that.
Since I bought my Fairphone 3 I have seen that, unfortunately, it’s rear camera maximum shutter speed is of about 0.4 sec (or 1/2 sec), much less than requested.
I did a previous post months ago about this feature, finding a solution with google camera app, but then realizing that is not a suitable due noise and inaccuracies.

My plans was to see if purchasing a Fairphone 3 + camera module could help in increasing this shutter speed. But before going to the shopping cart, I’d like to ask you for help .

[Owners of Fairphone 3 with camera+ module, Fairphone 3+ or Fairphone 4 needed]

For seeing about maximum shutter speed one have on his phone, one can download the “Proshot Evaluator” app here for free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riseupgames.proshotevaluator , and see about the “Max. Shutter” voice. I have enclosed a screenshot of what shows my phone, a Fairphone 3 standard (no camera + module) and one can see it is “0.4s” .

I would be glad to you if you can thake a screenshot of the results obtained with this app with your phone and post it on this topic.

[Owners of Fairphone 3 with camera+ module, Fairphone 3+ or Fairphone 4 needed]

Thanks in advance

Fairphone 3+ (camera+ module preinstalled)

The reported max ISO is incorrect though, since the stock camera goes up to 3200

Since I’m rooted I might softmod my device (or at least OpenCamera) to test what the sensor limits actually are, since I’m also interested in longer exposure times

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FP3+. While I confirm qrdnyce’s report, including that the stock app offers 3200 ISO, there seems to be little or no difference between 1600 and 3200. May just be hopeful thinking on the part of the stock app.

Open Camera only offers up to 1600 and may be more realistically taking into account a proper reading of the device’s capability reporting.

I don’t see any means of manually pushing exposure over 1/3s. Note the higher value for the front camera.

Manual focus is possible on rear camera using API2, contrary to what Proshot reports. Not however with front camera.

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Would you please provide a link and was that using the Nikita Gcam > Astrophotography?

0.5 seconds on Fairphone 4.

Have you seen

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