Shifting black/blue screen-help!

My F1 suddenly started shifting blue and black screen. Onl taking out battery stops it, but it starts again when I insert it back.
I tried volume up and power, but the arrow keeps shifting fast between the three reboot options. I managed to get the sleeping robot with “no command”, but from there, nothing.
I don´t get the command meny up, no matter how many times I try power button. From there it goes back to shifting black/blue.
Can anyone help? Do they (fairphone) still repair, even if they don´t update? And if it´s gone, how can I at least get my pictures and other info out of it???

Maybe your power button is damaged (the power button on the motherboard, not the visible button on the outside of the FP1). A repair shop might able to fix it.

Just a normal repair shop? I guess I´d have to try… It also got warm when I tried to charge…and has stayed warm since

I didn´t know there was another power button…

The power button that you can see (black) is connected with the power button (white) inside the FP1. You can see it here on the top right:

Either you find a local repair shop or perhaps one of those I linked to (the blue words in my previous reply) are an option for you.

It´s Norway. No repair shops from the link…

But if the button was damaged, it wouldn´t work as far as to get the green robot with the red sign and “no command” either? it´s only from there that nothing works…

It might indeed be something else if the pattern is consistent all the time. It was my first guess, but maybe others here have better ideas :angel:

You can test this by only pressing “volume-up”. (Don’t press “power”!). If the phone goes to the reboot options screen on its own, you know that the power button is jammed and needs to be replaced. (Reference and more detail here: How to bring my FP1 back to life? (Power button stuck))

And some advice on replacement parts: FP1: Power button does not work anymore

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