Sharing a way to repair face speaker

Hi there all,

I just want to share how i’ve just repair the front speaker of my fairphone 2.

I was very angry till some weeks, i heard less and less sound from the front speaker, unfortunatly i’m a builder so that phone is experiencing a lot of iron filings and saw dust even if i do my best to prevent my phone to be in.

And it’s not the first problem i’m experiencing with my FP2, i’ve already changed some pieces with guarantee, but i know i’m no more protected.

So well i decided to repair it myself!

First step drop the case, now you have to unscrew both PH screw up on the phone behind the screen, you can now get the front cam/front speaker/Led Light module.

On this module, there you can unscrew two torx screws, and now with a small flat screwdriver and a bit of smouthness you can push the small aluminum legs from theirs engagers all arround the module, till you can open it in two pieces.

when open, still with the flat scewdriver and smouthness, you can detach the front speaker, that is in the middle (it’s black with a metal rectangle).

And right here, it’s how i was exptected, there was a lot of very small iron filings magnetised on the speakers, so i’ve take my time to clean it with a soft pencil, til total cleaning.

Then i backed up all the pieces together, the front speaker is working as the first!

That’s the way i like my Fairphone2 ! Totally repairable!

Well, i still don’t know why my GPS is neither working anymore. But i can now use my phone back as a phone! Ouf!

Excuse my english.
Hope this will be usefull to someone.


People like pictures :slight_smile:iFixit Teardown step 8?


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