Share your Mozilla Stumbler rank!

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I’m rank 3290 atm (newluck77). :smile:
Share your rank! :wink:

PS.: Here you can learn more about Mozilla Stumbler.

[quote]Mozilla Stumbler is an open-source wireless network scanner that collects GPS and wireless network data for our crowd-sourced location database.

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I’m at 867 right now. Just for driving from Vienna to Basel

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Um, what is a Mozilla Stumbler rank?

Depending on the number of locations you geocoded, you have a certain rank amongst the Stumblers. E.g. I have sent 3222 so called reports up to now, and my rank is 3022. If I walk around the city, and have Mozilla Stumbler turned on, it will create more reports, which will be sent to Mozilla. So the more you walk around, the higher your rank. Got it? :wink:

Got to 189. But I have switched to OpenWLANMap, because a prefer their stance on allowing the data to be downloaded. With Mozilla you will always need to send a message to over the network to find out where you are. With OpenWLANMap you can have a local copy of the database, which is good for privacy and travel abroad where network might be expensive or unavailable.

Actually, with the LocalGsmNlpBackend you can download and save data from MLS (and OpenCellID) on your phone.
You’ll need to install µg UnifiedNlp. Here’s a guide how to.

Edit: I also use AIMSICD (OpenCellID, no ranks yet), OpenWLANMap (rank 224), Radiobeacon (openbmap, rank 22), Sensorium (Open3GMap) and Wigle (found out it’s data is not free at all) to contribute data to similiar services, but I like Mozilla Stumbler (rank 691) the most because the app is beautifully designed and easy to use. What would be cool though is to have an app like Mozilla Stumbler that contributes to all those services at once. (or the ones you choose)

Last I saw MLS only let you download the Cell database, not the wlan one.

oh well that may be.

From F-Droid:

PS.: I’m rank 2058 at the moment. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m in the top 2000!!! :smiley: Rank 1990 ATM! :smiley:

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@sam when you use OpenWlanMap do you also experience the following problems:

  • when the app is running i can’t install apps on my device.

  • when i start OpenWlanMap without a GPS connection it shows me the warning that GPS is deactivated an when i click ok (only option) i get redirected to security settings instead of location access

  • when I restart the Phone OpenWlanMap will start automaticly (but not work properly) although I have the autostart on startup option unticked

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