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You mean it would be better on underwear? :wink:


Having recently accidentally erased my complete documents folder on my hard drive (including the most personal stuff and all that) I lost the Fairphone folder that it included, too. So I now went back to reconstructing or rather re-making my modular Fairphone lettering (all that’s left from it is what you see above) from back then all from square 1 again. Here’s the new version, more truly adhering to the original shapes (although not the sizes) and making use of both the fronts and backs of the modules. Perhaps someone’s interested. :slight_smile:

Ingredient photos and renderings by Fairphone and iFixit.


I like both @poyan and @urs_lesse solutions (posts 48 and 62 respectively) very much ! Would it be possible to make t-shirts with @poyan’s logo on the front and @urs_lesse’s one on the back ?

So people would first see the first logo, ask “What’s that ?”. Then we just would have to turn back, showing the customised Fairphone logo :slight_smile: Anyway, if both of you permit to download the images, I can try to make myself a t-shirt, with the appropriate paper and the iron !

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Awesome, @urs_lesse, very well done!! You are a genius, I take my hat off to you! :clap: :clap:

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