Share you experience with GSM phone quality on FP 5

Hi there,
I had a very bad experience on GSM phone calls with FP4 (last update to android 13 breaks phone calls!).
Now a relative of my family needs a new phone, therefore my question :

  1. Do you have good phone quality with FP5 compared to a samsung or iphone ?

2) Can people hear you speak on the other side ?

  1. Does the communication detariorate a lot under bad weather connection, compared to samsung ?

Whatever people say is zero guarantee for you, as many people have as well no issues with FP4 calls…

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As I don’t use any of the phones you ask to compare to I can only say that the call quality inn GSM of course is much worse than with VoLTE or VoWifi. However my FP5 so far only fell back to GSM when I was roaming in a different than my home country. So call quality could be impacted by that as well.
To me the question is mainly why one should look so much at GSM when the vast majority of calls will be done in a better network. Call quality under typical conditions has been great so far in the German Telefonica network for me. The worst performance until now was in an unreliable wifi with no LTE available for calling (roaming…), so the fallback was indeed 2G which had a bad reception, too…

I am not wondering about the technologies behind it.
I am just asking do you have a good GSM phone quality?
Do people hear you when you are phoning ?
I never got a good phone quality with fairPHONE ! (it was acceptable at the end of the android 12th iteration for 6 month. Now its crape again with 13)
If it s not a phone let s call it FairWhatsapp device :slight_smile:
Now yes on FP4 I have no problem phoning with signal or whatsapp…
BUT customers keeps on phoning me on GSM ! So I need it for work…that s the way it is.

Ho yeah on loud speaker on GSM call it doesn t work at all since 12 monthes aswell!!! It works with signal on loud speaker microphone… So yeah its not a phone. It really feels like walky talky in the 70s

But you should - at least a little bit, otherwise you’ll get answers like mine. GSM is what your phone is connected to if it displays 2G or E (for Edge), the second generation mobile communication network. That was the first step after leaving the POTS (non-wireless Plain Old Telephone Style) behind (okay, that was a little bit simplified). We have seen 3G (UMTS) in the meantime which was already able to do HD calls and now most carriers have enabled calling via 4G (LTE) or even 5G (New Radio). I think I’m not completely wrong if I say that your phone will barely ever be connected to 2G. That is the reason why I say I wouldn’t bother too much about GSM calling and this is where the misconception between your question and my answer came from. So basically the title of this thread is only a very, very limited subset of what you’re actually interested in.

I never had any severe calling issues both with my FP2 and my FP5. The biggest issue as mentioned above was a very bad network abroad. And noise cancellation plus call quality in general came to their limits when I tried calling while letting water run into the bathtub in that bad network which I’d consider as a very challenging noise environment. To be honest because calling works so well on FP5 I haven’t used the calling functionality of any messenger on that phone so far while I used the Conversations messenger occasionally on my FP2 mainly due to its quicker call setup.


According to this post, you actually dont use 3G or 2G for calls and thats your issue actually, bad quality with VoLTE

And btw in the past your description was the opposite to my understanding, so no VoLTE calling and only 3G.


Thks for your feedback. I am trying without this option now. Will let you know if I can now phone.

Yes I am screaming on this forum and in my phone for people to hear me :smiley: I only wished it wasn t like this! Like on every single phone I owned for the past 20 years !

PS: 1st phone call and now it work !! Thks. It goes on 3G when I receive a call, and people can hear me !