Shall we make a list of known battery draining apps?

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Yes, I do have occasional bad cell phone reception issues as well (see Resolving bad signal / call partners don’t hear me or only interruptedly). Plus, this is consistent with the fact I reported above, that in flight mode, battery lasts much, much longer for me.


And do you still get a high percentage of “Sonstiges” while in flight mode? I never tested that.


Haven’t tested that - and probably won’t be able to do so soon, as I need my phone for being connected at the moment :wink:


…which is why I didn’t test that either. :wink:


Hey !
Just wanted to ad the Youtube app on the latest Nougat Android OS version.
It has drained +40% of the battery in just 15 min of using the app !

Going to investigate :wink:


on my phone camera is most “hangry” app, and all games

especially Pokemon Go, this game use all phone resources


You can add AccuWeather. It causes the phone to run very hot all of a sudden, once every few weeks. I have no clue what triggers it.


Do you let the camera App run endlessly in the background, or do you close it after use?


Have you compared with NewPipe [1]? It is available on F-droid.

[1] https://newpipe.schabi.org/