Shall we make a list of known battery draining apps?

I agree, and I will, but right now I should be working. Also, what I meant was that I still would split it into a table per category, because that also gives an opportunity to explain why some apps are inherently problematic (navigation apps for example).

Don’t worry, I was planning to add even single-user reports anyway! You’re probably right that getting solid reports on it is problematic for the reasons you mention, but I think at least a 1, 2, 3+ count would be useful. It reduces the possibility of misattribution (uninstalling multiple apps at once when only one of them caused a problem). Imagine one person says “this app was a problem” and then another replies “I tried uninstalling, no difference”. Multiple confirmations is also an indication of whether it’s set-up specific or not.

I totally agree, and this is a very important point.
My approach would just be, that such discussions/different reports decide on the status “universal/inherent”. It was just about saving you the trouble to start counting or searching the forum for reports on the apps, as such stuff ever once in a while is mentioned as an afterthought in a thread not connected to this topic.

Excellent idea!
One suggestion for the list, though it’s not an app: the biggest battery drain by far for me is the Wifi Scanning. After an OS update (not after every reboot) often my FP2 runs really hot. It’s always
Settings -> Location -> menu (3 dots) -> Scan -> Wifi-scanning.
Switch that of, problem solved.

On older OS versions this setting is difficult to find, I think it’s
Settings -> Wifi -> turn OFF wifi -> click a link that appears -> disable wifi-scanning


Here are my two cents:
I had two episodes of extremely fast battery drain so far (one I posted about here:, 45% of charge were gone in 5 minutes), and in both occasions, OsmAnd~ was running (in the foreground, but battery drain continued when display was switched off). I have to say though that I use OsmAnd extensively, and except for these two occasions without any real battery issues. So, potentially this is caused by a very seldomly occurring battery drain bug in OsmAnd, but it could also be that these two cases were caused by a third confounding influence factor I haven’t figured out yet (e.g. cold)…

Just as a side-note: When I run my phone in flight mode, the battery lasts 3-4 times longer than with mobile services enabled. In flight mode, it will last approximately 4 days even with moderate app usage, while it only lasts 1-2 days with mobile services enabled.

Also on an only tangentially related note: For me the highest battery drain in the battery section of the settings is typically “Miscellaneous” (Sonstiges in german). At this very moment, “Miscellaneous” shows 18% usage, while the next highest app battery usage is at 4%. I don’t seem to be affected by the bug in the proximity sensor mentioned in this thread, as my battery lasts for 1-2 days. Anybody got a pointer how to get more infos on what apps could be involved in this?

Short remark only:
Reduced my battery drain considerably by using the Firewall NetGuard (available now again from F-Droid). A firewall is basically not necessary for LineageOS (I use lineage) but it really helps to prevent that many apps connect to internet when using LTE etc.
Therefore, I only allow “Mail” to connect to internet when travelling.


I used to have the same issue and I was never able to identify the app causing it, not even when using analytical apps like Better Battery Stats. After a while, however, I noticed ‘diversen’ (Dutch for ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘Sonstiges’) always got worse while at work, where cell phone reception is terrible. From then on, I just assumed ‘diversen’ was battery loss due to unidentified network stress.

Now that I switched to the latest version of LineageOS that seems to have been confirmed: ‘diversen’ is gone, but my top-power-consumer is now ‘mobile network standby’.

Don’t know anything for sure, but could you sometimes have bad cell phone reception as well?


Yes, I do have occasional bad cell phone reception issues as well (see Resolving bad signal / call partners don’t hear me or only interruptedly). Plus, this is consistent with the fact I reported above, that in flight mode, battery lasts much, much longer for me.

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And do you still get a high percentage of “Sonstiges” while in flight mode? I never tested that.

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Haven’t tested that - and probably won’t be able to do so soon, as I need my phone for being connected at the moment :wink:

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…which is why I didn’t test that either. :wink:

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Hey !
Just wanted to ad the Youtube app on the latest Nougat Android OS version.
It has drained +40% of the battery in just 15 min of using the app !

Going to investigate :wink:

on my phone camera is most “hangry” app, and all games

especially Pokemon Go, this game use all phone resources

You can add AccuWeather. It causes the phone to run very hot all of a sudden, once every few weeks. I have no clue what triggers it.

Do you let the camera App run endlessly in the background, or do you close it after use?

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Have you compared with NewPipe [1]? It is available on F-droid.



I’m like mobile photo and use this app all time and after snapseed

Leaving the camera App running was the one real battery draining thing I had on Android 6.
Now I’m using Android 8 (#lineageos) and Open Camera (Play Store / F-Droid), and leaving the camera running doesn’t drain the battery anymore, so at least this behaviour can be remedied somehow.

Oh, thank you, I’ve found Open Camera will try and geve you feedback

The app that drains the battery quickest for me is BOINC, a distributed computing app but that is hardly surprising as it can run all four cores flat out if you let it. (In practice that isn’t a good idea as the phone and or battery keep heating up and computing gets suspended. Apart from during winter I never let it use more than one core at a time.

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