Shadow on top and bottom of screen

Hello, just wanted to check if it was normal but there’s a kind of shadow along the border of the black zones on top and bottom of the screen. I remarked that with a white wallpaper.

Is this normal, by design?

Haven’t seen this on my own FP. Could it have somthing to do with the wallpaper (image) file ranther than with the screen? Do you have an app that opens a blank (white) window, e.g. a notepad app? Is the shadow noticeble there as well?

Mmh, there’s nothing really all white. But I dunno… maybe it’s just the wallpaper screen that does it?

Yeah, I checked with an app and it seems like it.

I’d personally rather have no such shadow, it’s distracting I find.

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

seems to be a shadow layer over every wallpaper, by default. i also saw/see this with a white wallpaper (and didn’t like it tooo much).