Sftw problem fp2 - os 5.1

i am a proud owner of a fp2 since a couple of moth.

i have this problem with my FP2 OS 5.1 :slight_smile:

  • during phone-call, if i push the screen-stop button in order not to make some mistake with my ear and face during a call, sometime i can never re-light the screen, even if i press 100 times to re-activate my screen (i have to open the FP2 and pull out the battery for stopping the call)
  • during scrolling website or contacts or other, sometime, if i scroll on the right side of the screen it become crazy and scroll strongly down without any physical sense.
  • since i updated to 5.1 i cannot see any message notify . if i receive a message it doesn’t make any sound and even nothing appear on my notification bar. i have to open the message app in order to verify if i have any new message (sound and notification settings are obviously ok).
  • there is no picture album app on the FP2. is it possible?

these are some of the big problems i found. i like the FP2 so much but these problems are very big for a 539 euro phone, so i need your help now.

thank you

See the first post here for a way to recalibrate the proximity sensor to avoid this issue. If it works you’ll not need the workaround with the power button anymore.

This issue is discussed here. Try the touch and hold delay workaround. Static could also cause this issue, so see if grounding yourself helps and if it does search for a reason for static (usually a faulty charging cable).

I believe it’s called google photos or just photos. I’m not using the standard OS with google, so I’m not sure. On FP Open OS it’s called Gallery. (Names may change with system language)

ok thanks, i fixed this problems but i have two more big problems:
1- the one with the message app wich it doesn’t makre any sound or notification
2- a problem with the quality of segnal wich continue to change: good, bad, no signal etc… staying in the same place. with my old phone in the same place the signal was very good, strong and stable


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